Read the World Polish Contest Award Ceremony

“Read the World” project has been awarded in Polish competition called “Nasz projekt eTwinning 2016” (“Our eTwinning project 2016”)

“Read the World” is the runner -up in 3-10 age category!

Awarded teachers met on 20th of May 2016 in Warsaw. There were many authorities from Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Digital Affairs, scientists and eTwinning experts taking part in this Award Ceremony.

Central part of the event was Award Ceremony when winners and runners-up were announced. Each project was presented by individual video showing project work process and results.

Award, certificates and congratulation letters for project work in  “Read the World” was given to Natalia Szczygieł – one of “Bees” teachers. 

Winner of our age category was Still Life – create your table setting project – represented by Ewa Górnicka from Publiczna Szkoła Podstawowa nr 8 im. Gustawa Morcinka in Opole.

Honours gratification was given to A…B…C… healthy life for you and me! project, created by Anna Urbasik fromPubliczne Przedszkole nr  17 in Jastrzębie – Zdrój.

Gruffalo kids give congratulations to all teachers and students taking part in awarded projects!

Live streaming of Polish contest!

Final of Polish eTwinning contest 2016 is going to happen of Friday 20th of May! 

Gruffalo is going to be awarded, but still don` know the results.

eTwinning ceremony is taking place in Warsaw. Luckily it`s possible to see it by everyone, thanks to live streaming chanell on eTwinning Youtube chanell or directly on our blog.

If you want to see Natalia taking congratulations and awards for Gruffalo adventures – watch us on Friday 20th from 11.00 to 14.00 (Warsaw time).

Grufallo struts like a peacock;)

Nobody expected that THIS book and a GRUFFALO
can bring so much happiness to our world…

Investigations in nature, playing with rhymes and sounds, possibility to be actors, constuctors and artists – that is what we gained by “Reading the World”. What does Gruffalo do? He struts like a peacock because of his success!

And now – great news again:

“Read the World” project is awarded in Polish eTwinning competition called
“Nasz Projekt eTwinning 2016”


Congratulations to “BEES” – Polish Gruffalo kids.
You were all awesome!

Yes, Gruffalo Rules!

Gruffalo on the top of Europe!

winner_etWith a greatest pleasure, amazement and pride we announce that Gruffalo project is a winner of this year European eTwinning Prizes!

“Read the World” is awarded in special category called “Peyo Yavorov” Prize – For a project that encourages a love of reading among young people.

holt Gruffalo drawing

On behalf of all project teachers we give warm hugs to all our students who participated in this project! Some of them are primary school students already, but hopefully everyone still have Gruffalo and books in their hearts, forever!

Gruffalo on the European shortlist!

gruffalo polskie What an eTwinning news!

“Read the World” project is on the shortlist of European eTwinning Prizes 2016!

As it is stated on the page – it means that from 202 projects submitted to the competition, our Gruffalo adventures are among “the most valuable projects that made it to the final evaluation round”.
More details available here.

Keep your fingers crossed!
Meantime, all project teachers give a huge hug to every kid who read the world with Gruffalo last year!

Gruffalo Theatre (video)

Our Little Gruffalos are primary-school students already. At the end of this 2015 year, which was indeed “Gruffalo year”, we want to go back to Gruffalo Theatre time. What a wide smile appears on a face while looking at our preschoolers playing Gruffalo and his Child, Mouse, Owl, Fox, Snake and some extra characters too!

Look and enjoy watching the best story of their kindergarten past!