Gruffalo jumped out the parcels

Hurray! Christmas parcels arrived! We couldn`t wait to open them all!

There were many surprises inside – Christmas cards, some dainties for Gruffalo`s restaurant, and… parts of Gruffalo!

Finally we had a chance to join all parts into one international Gruffalo. Look how unique our Gruffalo is!

It can be dangerous to send packages to all our friends in Europe, but we did it. Do you want to know what happened?

Here you can see us wrapping the gifts and on our way to send them all. It is not a good weather now in Iceland, heavy storm, snow and very cold outside. But a group of children went out and nearly risked theire lives going to the postoffice 🙂 Here are the pictures of our adventure.

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Bye Bye Gruffalo

Today, I posted the parts of our gruffalo. The postman said it will arrive in less than one week. I hope so. You’ll find our food made of salt dough and explanations about the dishes we thought the gruffalo would love if he would come to France and meet our wild animals… Tell us what you think about it…
Murielle (french teacher)