With Gruffalo in the garden

Some time ago while playing in the garden we stumbled on Gruffalo`s marks.
Each time we found them on trees there were special team tasks to be done…

Gruffalo invited us to create a natural painting of his friends.
That is how we “painted” an Owl, Gruffalo, and Snake in our teams:

We were also playing with a rope. It helped us get out of Mouse`s lodge and escape from an Owl`s lee.

Gruffalo helped us to be better in counting. In the circles there were as much bees as pips on a stone dice.

Then we wrote our names on a pavement.

Later on we had to guess items hidden in a black kitbag. We were so succesful in recognizing natural items by touching!

Even shapes are easier in Gruffalo`s tasks. Here we do triangles and circles!

Finally, Gruffalo was found. That was so funny to play with him that day!