Gruffalo in Icelandic TV

Gruffalo, fabulous kids and their teachers from Leikskólinn Holt
occured in Icelandic TV- VF Magasin .

Great to see our friends from HOLT again!


Systa, Nuria and Gruffalo in Athens!

I, Sigurbjört Kristjánsdóttir from Iceland, and Nuria Prade from Spain
were so fortunate to go to Athens in Greece for annual e-Twinning conference 2016 from 27. – 29. of October 2016.

This year all the topics focused on Digital Citizenship or how e-Twinning can develop European next generation of active citizens.

It was a great experience and the highlight for us was to recieve award for the Gruffalo project in Peyo Yavorov category, for the project that encourages a love of reading among young people.

Here you can see all ceremony of eTwinning Awards 2016.
Gruffalo and representative of his Team is on stage from 59.00- 1.02.20! 

The conference was held in a beautiful hotel called Continental and it was almost right beside the famous Akropolis. The participants were about 600 people from all over Europe and it was a great opportunity to meet and get new friends and contacts in other countries.

We got to see a little of the city but it was a great adventure and great to see and find out what is going on in other countries and what children, teenagers and grown ups are experiencing and learning through e-twinning projects.

The official video conference uploaded by eTwinning Europe is available below:

Reported by: Systa, Iceland