“GRUFFALO`S LA LA LAND ” – collaborative picture

Wherever Gruffalo goes for a walk and relax, there is a unique place he likes the most. It appears in his dreams and its called his “La la land”.

We discovered how Gruffalo`s la la land looks like. No doubt its his favourite place:

This picture was created in parts by all project teams.
Elements of our landscapes in Iceland, Spain, Slovenia, France and Poland are included in this drawing.

Gruffalo is visiting our landscapes

These days we had a chance to take Gruffalo for a walk. We admired our landscapes together. In a winter snow cover they look so exceptional!

We took some pictures here and there, in a close area to our kindergarten and homes.

As you can see our landscapes consist of houses, block of flats and the greenery. We have quite many trees (some of them are deciduous, some are coniferous), bushes and grass (which is covered by snow these days).


The day after we created a picture book with our photos, Gruffalo and his friends from the story. They seem to be happy in our area, playing with snow among trees.

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