Playing Gruffalo game in Poland

Here we play Gruffalo game too. It makes us happy (when we get a shortcut), angry (when we go back to start for the fifth time in one game) and proud (when we realize that we did this game together)!

We even found monster pawns for Gruffalo game!

Creating the symbolic key to Gruffalo

With a great involvement Polish colleagues created that symbolic task for project friends. That is how we were playing with many stories this year. Why not with Gruffalo then?

Firstly, we decided what symbols could represent our “Gruffalo” characters. Then, one by one, we started to create every scene from the Gruffalo book. When they were ready and printed, we tried to put them in an order, according to the plot of the story…

For those, who are in doubt about the correct order of symbolic scenes, we give the final result below.

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Read the figures

While waiting for our “New Gruffalo adventures” story we invite you to play our special guessing game.
Imagine that Gruffalo characters (Gruffalo, Mouse, Owl, Snake and Fox) have been enchanted into shapes. Firstly, you need to match our Gruffalo characters with shapes we came up with:

match the characters with shapes

match the characters with shapes

Here, in Poland, we decided to change the Gruffalo story into the story of shapes.
Now not animals, but shapes play this story! Could you guess which part of the story is presented on every scene? And, finally, could you give a correct order for the collection of scenes?
(here all scenes are in wrong order!)

Print the file below, cut the scenes and play the Gruffalo in shapes!

collection of scenes

Have a nice game!