How was that to blog within “Read the World” project?
Let`s see how the blog presents in statistics…pytajnik

“Kidsreadtheworld” page was opened on 22nd of October, as soon as the project was registered in eTwinning. We decided to use this blog as a space where we could publish our common and indivudual results, share “Gruffalo tasks” and have fun watching ourselves on photographs.

From 22nd October to the middle of August there were 3361 views on our blog, made by 553 visitors.

The amount of visits varied from 38 views in October to 973 views in November!

visits monthly

visits monthly

Blog was popular  among our parents and friends in Poland,  Spain, Iceland, Slovenia and France. But “Read the World” was read also across the world! 😉 Mostly in European countries, but also in United States and Canada!

“Partner schools”  and “Animals in puzzles” were the most popular pages in the blog.
“Here the Gruffalo appears” was the “top postof 2014.

top_posts_in_2014The most popular post in 2015 was.. survey for parents (Ankieta dla rodziców Pszczółek) 😉


 Blog visitors were coming from Poland (the most frequently), then from Spain and Iceland, Slovenia and France.

Clicks from our countries

Clicks from our countries

Top clicks – the most popular links to resources outside of our blog were memory games, puzzles and voicethread recordings.


Top referrers – web pages which were giving links to our blog and resources were our school web pages. The best referrer was (Polish kindergarten`s page).

With no doubt the top commenter was “mducroo” user (French team coordinator). Commenting was not our strong side. So – many thanks to France for giving feedback to others!

Finally – we share with special eTwinning star made of our webpage tags and the most popular words:

words star

Thanks for being with us and for Reading the World together!
Stay tuned. That is not our last word!

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