As  “Read the World” project has come to an end ,
it`s high time to evaluate the quality of our work!

We decided to discover opinions of all  participants – students, parents and teachers. In various ways they were asked  about project activities, its` tools and blog, benefits and difficulties, hard work and pleasure they noticed within “Read the World” adventures.zapytajnik

Searching for students opinion  we organised the video interview  in each school.  You shouldn`t miss them! Go to  “STUDENTS` EVALUATION” page!

To get parents` feedback we planned surveys in our languages. In this way we let them express an opinion about project and its` results. Read “PARENTS` EVALUATION” summaries!

Teachers took part in common survey where they answered questions about their role in a project, use of project tools and topics, students` benefits and enjoyment and of course – their own proffessional improvement. Read “TEACHERS` EVALUATION ” summary.

Evaluation shows our project work from different point of view. It revealed both the field at which we excels (indeed we excelsed ourselves in some tasks), and some blind spots. So that we know what to improve or care for, next time. Next time? No doubt to say so… For sure it was not our last eTwinning project!

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