Live streaming of Polish contest!

Final of Polish eTwinning contest 2016 is going to happen of Friday 20th of May! 

Gruffalo is going to be awarded, but still don` know the results.

eTwinning ceremony is taking place in Warsaw. Luckily it`s possible to see it by everyone, thanks to live streaming chanell on eTwinning Youtube chanell or directly on our blog.

If you want to see Natalia taking congratulations and awards for Gruffalo adventures – watch us on Friday 20th from 11.00 to 14.00 (Warsaw time).


Evaluation of teachers (survey results)

Summary is available in PDF file here:


 Survey for teachers was conducted from 20th June to 30th July 2015. The questionaire was avaliable online on a project blog in English language version. Eleven teachers took a part in a survey – three from Iceland and Spain, two from Poland and Slovenia and one teacher from France.

Summary consists of three parts:

  • PART 1. MY ROLE AT SCHOOL (where teachers are asked about the country they live and teach in, their role at school and an experience in teaching);
  • PART 2. MY ROLE IN A PROJECT (where teachers are asked about their experience within eTwinning programme and general participation in project topics);
  • PART 3. STUDENTS` BENEFITS(where teachers were rating students` benefits from the project which consists of their improvement, involvement and fun from project tasks.

Summary includes also teachers` final comments and conclusions.

Feel invited to read how we rated project activities and where we noticed our strong points and weakness.