Gruffalo Theatre (video)

Our Little Gruffalos are primary-school students already. At the end of this 2015 year, which was indeed “Gruffalo year”, we want to go back to Gruffalo Theatre time. What a wide smile appears on a face while looking at our preschoolers playing Gruffalo and his Child, Mouse, Owl, Fox, Snake and some extra characters too!

Look and enjoy watching the best story of their kindergarten past!


Here it is…


Here are some pictures about making Gruffalo in Slovenia.

We were enjoying the making, we were all very busy. We already waved our Gruffalo goodbye and now we are really exciting about getting all of your packages.

We decided that our Gruffalo likes to eat sweets very much and his favourite food are muffins with rainbow worms. 🙂

IMG_4279 IMG_4281 IMG_4283 IMG_4285 IMG_4287 IMG_4288 IMG_4290 IMG_4292 IMG_4296 IMG_4299 IMG_4303

Here the Gruffalo appears…

There was a time we started to create Gruffalo in Poland.
First we checked parts of its body which should be created. Then – we made a template of the figure.

Then, children decided on materials and fabrics to use for Gruffalo`s head (eyes, teeth, tusks, ears…), body and arms. With a great patience and involvement we drew and cut the shapes. Teachers joined Gruffalo`s part all together in a way that children wanted him to look like.

 When Gruffalo was ready we discovered that he is extremely hungry. What could he eat then?
We set up a restaurant for our favourite monster and drew special menu.

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Have a yummy meal, Gruffalo!