We are proud to announce that “Read the World”
has already gained recognition in eTwinning!


European  Quality Label for Icelandic teacher – Anna Sofia.


22nd of November 2016


Reportage about Gruffalo, fabulous kids and their teachers from Leikskólinn Holt
in Icelandic TV- VF Magasin .

18th of November 2016


Article about European eTwinning Award for “Read the World”
in “Vikurfrettir”- Icelandic portal 


LINK to article HERE.

10th November 2016


Article about European eTwinning Award for “Read the World”
in Icelandic Erasmus + web page 


Link to Erasmus + WEB PAGE.

8th November 2016


“Zwycięskie projekty w konkursie eTwinning 2016” publication
(“Projects awarded in eTwinning competition 2016)


Description of “Read the World” project is a part of new eTwinning publication in Poland. You can read about all projects awarded in 2016 competition,
and find Gruffalo work on pages 14 and 15 there.

Publication to download in PDF file and as an  e-book in ISSUU.


“Evropska nagrada za tržiški vrtec” article

Article in “Gorenjski glas” about achievement of Vrtec Trzic within”Read the World” project and European collaboration in eTwinning and Erasmus+
Click HERE to read.


6th March 2016


“Aprendiendo de otros sistemas educativos europeos” article

Article about international collaboration of C.R.A Alto Cidados within eTwinning and Erasmus+. Gruffalo project is alos mentioned there!
Click HERE to read.


3rd March 2016


“Przedszkole nr 48 laureatem konkursu eTwinning” article

Article about kindergarten achievement within etwinning collaboration and European Prize 2016.
Click HERE to read.


2nd  March 2016


“Vrtec v Tržiču prejel evropsko nagrado” article

Article about kindergarten achievement within etwinning collaboration in “Read the World” project and European Prize 2016.

Click HERE to read.

27th February 2016


gruffalo polskie

What an eTwinning news!

“Read the World” project is on the shortlist of European eTwinning Prizes 2016!

As it is stated on the page – it means that from 202 projects submitted to the competition, our Gruffalo adventures are among “the most valuable projects that made it to the final evaluation round”.
More details available here.

Keep your fingers crossed!
Meantime, all project teachers give a huge hug to every kid who read the world with Gruffalo last year!


“Leikskólinn Holt tilnefndur til Evrópuverðlauna” article

Description of achievement and comments of Icelandic kindergarten`s representatives is given in an article called “Leikskólinn Holt tilnefndur til Evrópuverðlauna”.
Click HERE to read.


17th February 2016


“Read the World” on

Our project is among the best practice examples on Polish eTwinning page.
You can read the description about our work in Polish HERE.



“Read the World” on National eTwinning prizes ceremony in France
(by Murielle)

Sum up of the day!
To know more about the projects awarded : click here

January 2016


“Read the world” has won an Icelandic National eTwinning Prize.

Congratulations, Iceland!
Here can you see a picture  from the event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

January 2016


European Quality Labels for all countries involved in our project !!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


29th October 2015


eTwinning Quality Label from Poland

18th September 2015


eTwinning Quality Label from Slovenia

QL_andreja3rd September 2015


eTwinning Quality Label from Spain


4th August 2015


eTwinning Quality Label from France

Gruffalo NQL9th July 2015


Keep fingers crossed for next achievements!


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