Results of French parents’evaluation

eval gruff par 1

More than 87% among them think that the project gave to their child a cultural awarness and stimulated curiosity to other cultures.

eval gruff par 2

50% followed the project regularly and more than 37% when their child was talking about it.

eval gruff par 3a eval gruff par 3b

As far as motivation is concerned, 50% estimated that their child motivation to the project was equal throughout the school year and 37,5% estimated the motivation increased all year long !

eval gruff par 4a eval gruff par 4b

What about the activities proposed to the kids ? Parents really liked the creation of our european Gruffalos made of all our national Gruffalos and the activities about our surroundings, animals of the story discovering the neighbourhood (more than 71%). They enjoyed the work about the animals’ trasks, the Gruffalo menu and the puzzles… The Gruffalo collaborative game was one good activity to their opinion.

eval gruff par 5

Finally they say that this project was a good motivation for their child to learn English because it made sense to them.

Thanks to the parents for these positive results !


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