Evaluation for Icelandic parents

Summary of result:

Survey was conducted in july 2015. The questionaire was avaliable online on a kindergartens education website and on our project blog in a Icelandic version. Eight parents took a part in the survey.

Question 1. Parent were asked how they knew and was informed about the project. Most parents knew through the teachers, and others from the kindergartens website.

Question 2. Parents were asked how frequency they visits the project blog. Most of them said sometimes and few said never.

Question 3. Parents were asked if never,  why they did not visit the blog.  Most of them said they did not give themselves time and other said they did not know the web adresse.

Question 4. Parents were asked if they children talked about the project at home. Most of them said sometimes, some of them said often and few said never.

Question 5. Parents were asked if the children said something about the project at home, what did they talk about. Most of the children talked about Gruffalo himself and the story about him. Many told about the stories and plays they participate in and some talked about many different projects and field trips to look for footprints and animals.

Question 6. Parents were asked if they thought the children had learned something from the project and what did they learn. They felt that most children got more skills in communication and  more chance to be creative. They learned about foreign country´s and tecnologi.

Question 7. Parents were asked if they thought this kind of project mattered in the kindergarten. Almost all said that it mattered but very few said it mattered not so much.

Question 8. Parents were asked if they would want to participate  more in this kind of project. Most of them said yes, some said yes but not so much and few said no.


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